The Lotus Way

“So you wanna be a Lotus Boutique manager…..”

Welcome to the ever-growing management team of Lotus Stores, Inc! You are officially a part of the Lotus Manager Family so get ready for silly group chats, funny moments on conference call, and in general an experience you will never forget! There is so much to learn now that you’re a store manager, and we want to ensure you start off with as much training and help as possible! If anything in the following Management Training Program needs additional clarification, adjustments, or typo corrections please send any recommendations to and we will review any suggestions sent!

If there is one thing the Home Office knows how to do, without fail, it is running a store, making it successful, and having the confidence to know that what we are doing will convert into MONEY! With that being said, this may be your first time as a manager or maybe you have managed at other companies for years – despite your specific scenario we challenge you to do it the Lotus Way without altering any specific details because they all have a reason behind them!

We will do our best to explain the “why,” but if you don’t understand why we do something a certain way just ask and DO IT that way until we prove another way is more successful. You will be shocked how following our business model, store policies, and Google Calendar will make you successful.

Recipe for Success


If your store is performing poorly then something in your Recipe for Success isn’t correct, but don’t fret too much because it isn’t too hard to fix one or even all of the ingredients. Let’s review the ingredients and what exactly they mean.

Great Staffing: Your team will absolutely make or break you, and it is essential to have a team that supports you as the store manager, loves working for Lotus, and really relates to the clothing style. These are the people interacting with customers ALL DAY LONG so you want your staff to be absolutely obsessed with the store and clothes so that it rubs off on the customers. Your individual staff members will have different personalities, different strengths and weaknesses, and different relationships with the other staff members. Make the schedule according to who works well together, who performs well in what zones, and ensure there is plenty of coverage so your staff isn’t stressed out.

Shoppable Merchandising: You will be shocked at how something as simple as merchandising your store in a beautiful and shoppable way will dramatically increase your sales for the next week. You need to focus on outfitting, balance, themes, color schemes, and accessorizing! Accessorizing is basically the “cherry on top” – it pulls everything together and takes your merchandising from basic to beautiful! Without fail, anytime you have a beautifully merchandised store it is just that much easier to sell the clothing PLUS your sales will improve. Anyone who understands the power of good merchandising will be constantly improving the way racks and walls look by changing areas as they sell down, re-accessorizing face-outs and shelves if the accessories sell, or even just making sure the store is straightened back up after a big rush comes through.

Energy: You may hear Home Office say things like, “you need to get the energy up in your store,” and we mean it! Some managers may have trouble understanding what it means to have energy, but the best way we can put it is to make your store fun!

Ways to get the energy up:

  • Turn up the music – you don’t want to have to shout, but you shouldn’t be able to hear the person next to you whisper
  • Pick the best playlist – Find the playlist with most upbeat and fun music! Fun and energetic music will get everyone in an excited and playful mood.
  • Open your doors – If you’re at an indoor mall your doors should be open anyway, but our outdoor malls can really capitalize on sales by just opening up their doors on the sidewalk, putting a group of perfectly dressed and accessorized mannequins together at the edge of the open door and getting people to notice your store! In extreme weather the outdoor malls may have to keep opening and closing their doors every couple of hours, but by opening up the doors and putting beautiful mannequins right outside you can easily make a couple extra hundred dollars for the day just because people notice you!
  • Have a happy staff – if you don’t have a staff that is happy with themselves as individuals, confident in their appearance and style, love working for Lotus and with each other, and are able to connect in some way with your customers then the energy they give off is going to be dull and lifeless. Good energy and vibes are infectious – your goal when customers walk into your store is that the best part of their day was coming into Lotus because the staff is fun, outgoing, personable, stylish, and able to help them find a perfect outfit!
  • Steam clothing and greet in the front of your store! Customers absolutely love to see clothing being steamed! Roll your steamer up to one of your entrances along with a rolling rack of clothing and just start steaming clothes that need touch ups OR if it’s shipment day, help out your shipment people by steaming up front when it’s slow. The energy of being up front, touching clothes, and steaming will draw people into your store. Also ensure your back isn’t turned when steaming and greeting. You should be able to steam and greet without any issues!

All in all you can’t go wrong with an amazing staff, beautiful merchandising, and ENERGY! These ingredients are your keys to success. Embrace them, love them, cherish them, and always ask for help if you need help with one of your ingredients!

Becoming a Lotus Leader