Your employees are the FACE of your store. These are the girls who will show up on the store’s personal social media accounts. They will be speaking directly with customers, helping style customers, dressing mannequins, running the register, and becoming your new family. Your team of employees will make or break your success as a manager so it’s important to hire SMART and take your time in building your perfect team.

As you’ve learned on LotusBoutiqueTraining.com, your staff is allowed to wear a “shift look” while on the clock in your store. This is huge for helping to sell items that aren’t moving well. Below is a list of Shift Look Do’s and Don’ts!

Shift Look Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do wear items that aren’t selling. There is no reason to wear a dress that is absolutely positively adorable and will sell out within two weeks if it just gets hung up in a good spot. You need to be wearing items that are HARD to sell! If you don’t know how to wear something in your store then reach out to Home Office for inspiration. Our website, LotusBoutique.com, is an excellent place to get inspiration for how to wear an item. If you can’t find a similar item on there then you can also Google that item and see how other people have worn it. It is your job to ensure you and your staff are up-to-date on trends in the fashion industry and are dressing in a way that inspires your customers to step out of their normal/safe “tunic, scarf, and jeans” look.
  • Do wear loose clothing from the store. Dresses are the best options, but you shouldn’t be¬†wearing anything too tight that will look or smell like it has been worn. Jeans, leggings, bralettes, anything fitting too closely to the body are not acceptable as a shift look. If you want to purchase the items, and then wear them for your shift, that is acceptable.
  • Don’t wear anything from the new shipment. The purpose of having a shift look is so that you can wear things that aren’t selling. Your new shipment hasn’t even gotten a chance to sell. There is no reason to wear it around the store, but DO take some great social media pictures in your new shipment to announce it to all of your customers!
  • Do pick out what your staff is going to wear for the day and then tell them their goal is to sell at least two of something they’re wearing! That is the super fun part about wearing a shift look! Nothing is more exciting than seeing a customer inspired by your outfit.

You also have a Shift Look Sign Off Sheet that needs to be updated any time someone in your store wears an article of clothing for their shift. They will put their name, date, and SKU# of what they’re wearing. A shift leader, or manager, will have to sign off that the shift look list is¬†correct AND that it was checked back in after that employee’s shift was over.

You can find this sign off sheet on Dropbox under Employee Resources, but you can also print it below!

Shift Look Sign Off Sheet

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