New Hire Paperwork

When you do find your perfect new sales associate they need to fill out some paperwork and go through the training program on (password: shoplotus) so that they can learn all of the store policies, employee handbook, theft prevention, customer service, merchandising, etc. We promise if you take the training program seriously then you and your staff will be successful!

The following New Hire Paperwork can be found under the Lotus Boutique Dropbox account that should be automatically linked to your computer. This paperwork needs to be turned in to our bookkeeper within 5 days of getting hired. The fastest way to scan these items is through a scanning app on your phone, but if you do not have access to a scanning app then your printer should have a scanning function.

-Social Security Card and Driver’s License

W4 Tax Form

I9 Employment Eligibility

A4 (Alabama Stores Only)

G4 (Georgia Stores Only)

Employment Agreement

Emergency Contact

Lotus New Employee

Social Networking and Media Guidelines


In addition to the above items being submitted to our bookkeeper you need to supply your new hire with these training handouts. These are not to be sent in to our bookkeeper.

-6 Week Training Checklist

-Introduction Quiz

-Customer Service Quiz

-Theft Prevention Quiz

-Processing Shipment and Merchandising Quiz


All New Hire Paperwork should be stored in the new associate’s folder and stashed away in a safe place. These are the files you will use to stay organized. All employee reviews, written warnings, write-ups, paperwork, etc will be kept in their files.

Becoming a Lotus Leader