New Hire Training

When you officially bring your New Hire on you will see on their 6 Week Training Checklist that you went through everything on the Interview Section and now you’re ready to start their employee Training. All new hires start at minimum wage and when they complete training you will give them the raise you feel they deserve AND congratulate them on having an employee discount!

All employee training quizzes will be taken off the clock at the employee’s home or other venue so that the store is not disturbed by a new hire training on one of your computers.

The last box in the Interview Section instructs you to tell your employee how to get to (pw: shoplotus) and take the introduction course. You will hand them their Introduction Quiz to take while they are reading the information and when they come in for Orientation you take their Introduction Quiz and go over the answers with them to ensure they understand all of the questions and the “why” behind the answers. Don’t forget to email the reason why you hired this person – this is not only for you to let us know why you think this person will be a great addition to your team, but also so that Home Office can keep up the amount of training dollars you are spending in your payroll.

You are allotted 5 free payroll hours of training per week per new hire. All new hires train at the federal minimum wage unless your state’s minimum wage is higher.

You can find the Manager Key for all of the quizzes under Dropbox in Manager Resources. All other new employment quizzes and paperwork will be provided by Home Office. If you run out you can find it all on Dropbox under New Hire Paperwork.

Once your new hire has completed Orientation you will let them know when their first official “on the floor” shift starts and this is when they will officially start their training! They now need to take the Customer Service Course on the training site so that they have that completed before their first on the floor shift. The purpose of them taking the Introduction and Customer Service Courses on the training site is so that they know and understand every single policy before they even step out onto the sales floor! This will dramatically help you in training because they already have a foundation of understand how the store works. You will simply reinforce what they learned on the training site and then show them how to apply it all.

When your new hire comes in for his/her first shift they should now have completed the Introduction and Customer Service Quizzes on the training site. You will then instruct them to move onto POS Training and focus on that quiz for the rest of the week. While they are on the clock at work you will going over the material from the Customer Service course and ensuring the understand the questions to those answers. This week they will need to apply everything they learned from Introduction and Customer Service while they are working the floor.

After your New Hire’s first week of training, where they officially worked the floor, they will move onto the POS training for their second week. You will make sure your new hire knows everything about the POS Course and the Register Training manual and then instruct them to move onto the Theft Prevention Course and then finally the Merchanding Course.

The 6 Week Checklist has steps in detail on how to train your new hire. If you need any additional help, please reach out to Home Office for extra support and guidance.

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