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Backing up QuickBooks

It is very important for our company that QuickBooks at every location is being backed up once a day, every day, in case anything happens to the computer or POS system. Having a daily backup will ensure your store has an accurate inventory and sales history of the latest backed up day. It needs to be back up to your external “jump” drive plugged into the front of your computer tower (CPU) just in case the computer crashes so we will be able to access it and install a new copy of QuickBooks on a new computer. Everyone is supplied with an external hard drive in order to complete this. Here is how to back up your QuickBooks everyday manually AND automatically. You should be doing BOTH.


  1. Log in to QuickBooks under “Sysadmin”.
  2. From the home screen, go to “File” and click “Back up Data”.
  • Click either “default location” or “alternate location” and make sure to check the file after the back up is created.
  1. Click “Back Up” and when it is complete, you will be prompted that “Back Up Was Created”.


  1. Log in to QuickBooks under “Sysadmin”.
  2. From the home screen, go to “File”, “Preferences”, and then “Company”.
  • From that general page at the bottom under “Data Safeguard”, click the box for “Every day at 3:00am”. We want our QuickBooks to automatically back itself up every day.
    1. Right next to the time is a box for where you can select where you want to back up QuickBooks to. It is very important that you back up to your external hard drive and select it.
    2. Since QuickBooks will be backing up every night at this time, everyone needs to keep their computers on with their QuickBooks open! You should be doing this anyways since that is when our systems communicate and exchange files. If you close your QBs or shut your computer down, the backup and store exchange will not be able to take place.

That is how to back up your QuickBooks to your external hard drive manually and automatically. It is very simple and once you complete this process, it will happen automatically every day. Continue to manually back up before opening and after closing.

DO NOT unplug your external hard drive

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