Cleanup QB

Every Sunday night you will clean up your Quickbooks to keep it running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Cleaning up Quickbooks gets rid of any receipts on hold, any old stagnant data, and compresses files so that they don’t take up as much space on your computer.

Once the cleanup is started it can take up to several hours to complete so it is best to do this process after the store closes on Sunday night after everyone has clocked out and gone home.

Go to File, then Utilities, then click Clean Up Company Data.

Step 1

Click that you want to Compress Files

Step 2

Click OK then Next

Step 3

Check all boxes and click Next.

Step 4

Check all of these next boxes and choose the date for 2 years prior to today’s date. This will clear out all transaction history from 2 years ago. Click Next

Step 5

Click Cleanup and let the computer start cleaning up. This could take hours so please be sure each employee is clocked out and leaving the store before this process is started.

Step 6

When the opener comes in Monday morning they need to “SEND” files before the store opens and also “Backup” Quickbooks to the external hard drive. They can then proceed with opening duties.

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