The First Advantage website is a wealth of knowledge, about transactions, history, and even outstanding cards in your stores card batch.

Merchant Logon

When you log in using your stores email address ( and password “shoplotus77” you will be able to see your stores information. Lets go over a few things you can do on



This is the generic screen that will launch after you hit “SUBMIT” from the “Business Logon” page. You will be able to see your settlement from the previous month, and our charges. These charges are directly debited from Lotus Stores, Inc. Operating Account so you don’t need to worry about any of that, but you can see the transactions on our statement by clicking “View Statement”1 - View Statement

Transaction History

This is a GREAT tool for find particular transaction within a certain time frame. You can add date ranges, select the report type, and the transaction type. This report will come in handy if you know between when a transaction happened but can’t remember the actual date.2 - Transaction History

Lookup Card

This is an awesome tool to figure out gift card transactions when you have a gift card number to refer too. By typing the gift card number in the “Card Number” slot and pushing “Submit” you will see every transaction of that card from its first activation to its most recent sales.3 - Lookup Card

Outstanding Cards

This is by far one of the most helpful features that this website offers.  By click “Submit” on this page you will see all outstanding cards in your “Card Batch“. They will be in number order and you can see what cards still have balances on them and which ones have a $0 balance. 4 - Outstanding Cards

Important To Remember:

Transactions are counted when a gift card is swiped at the terminal (the machine) and hits/reports to the First Advantage server.

A gift card transaction can be a sale, refund, recharge, balance inquiry, or activation.

Each location has 100 free gift card transactions per month.

Each gift card transaction after that is 10 cents per transaction through the rest of the month.

Every month, that count starts all over again with 100 free transactions.

Checking a gift card balance online does not count towards your transactions. So lets make sure we are using the website FIRST to check all transactions.

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