Occasionally you will have to create a payout from your register to pay for supplies, window displays, reimbursements, etc. Only a manager is allowed to create pre-approved payouts and if a payout is done there should always be excellent notes in your EOD email explaining why a payout was done, and also a scan or picture of the receipt attached in the EOD email.

Your first step is to click “Make A Sale” from the home screen of your Quickbooks. Please make sure you are logged in under your manager name so that we can see who created the payout.

Step 1

Next select the green box that says “I Want To” and then select “Create Payout”

Step 2

After clicking “Create Payout” a box will pop up where you make sure you put the exact amount you spent on the receipt(s) from your purchase, including tax, and then select cash drawer and put a note for what the payout is for with your initials.

Step 3


Select “OK” to finish the payout. This will now show up in your Sales History for the day. Don’t forget to upload the receipt for the payout into your EOD email and put a note in your EOD email explaining the payout.

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