Keeping up with damages happening within your store is really important so that Home Office and our buyer can know why clothes are getting damaged. It could be vendor defects like buttons or zippers, customers being rough in fitting rooms, or even something like makeup and deodorant stains. Regardless of why something gets damaged we need to know about it so that we can react accordingly.

You have a Damage Log spreadsheet on Dropbox that needs to be updated every time an item is damaged. In red type the items that you are not able to fix for the month. In black type the items that were damaged, but fixed in-store (buttons, jewelry stones, etc.) This entire log for the month will be emailed in with your End of Month reports along with mailing the items that were too damaged to be fixed in your store. When each item gets damaged you will attach a “damage slip” to the item and write the SKU#, the date, and the damage. Keep these damages in your stock room so that they aren’t on the floor in your store mixed in with your good clothing/jewelry.

Click here for your Damage Slip PDF

When it is time to mail in your damages, Home Office will reach out to all of the stores and ask who needs a shipping label to send their damages to Home Office so that they don’t pile up in your stockroom month after month. Your damages should be put into the clear shipping bag, provided to you by Home Office, and then dropped off at the appropriate shipping facility with the shipping label attached to the front of the bag. Please include the Damage Log (only the items written in red should be on the log printed and sent in with your damages) so that we can easily go through each item and remove it from your inventory. Email corporate@lotusstores.com with and in the subject line write “DAMAGES – (STORE)” in the body of the email include weight of the package, person that will be taking the package to the appropriate shipping facility, and the date it will be shipped out.

If an item is repairable, or a customer decides they want an item despite the damage, we can sell it to them for 10% with discount code “Damage” in Quickbooks. No more than 10% off should be given for any damaged merchandise. We must control the amount of discounts given in-store so that the company remains profitable. 

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