Drop Ship

Steps for Customer Drop Shipping:

We now offer Dropship for our customers! This allows customers to buy an item in your store that is either out of stock in their size or out of stock in general! Simply look that item up in Quickbooks, see who has it, and then follow through with the DropShip Procedure!

For only $5 we will ship to your customer’s home through USPS any item that they are looking for that may be found at another location.

Locate the size and item at another location by searching in the QB inventory section of your QB point of sale. Call that store to be sure that location actually can find the item for you.

Have your customer fill out the drop ship form completely. Make sure you get the customer’s shipping address because we will send that item to the customer’s HOME.

Click ”Ship Items” on the left of your QB screen, type in $5.00 for the shipping amount, and press OK. Ensure customer has PAID for the item and shipping cost before you send in your scanned order form.

Scan the order form, call the corporate office (251-287-5759) to tell them you are about to email the scanned order form, and then email the scanned order form to Dropship@lotusstores.com. We will produce a shipping label and email it to the store that the item is coming from so that they can print it out and mail it to your customer.

Make sure the store you found the item at does a transfer slip from their store TO your store so that inventory won’t be messed up at both stores!

Print the Drop Ship Form here: Drop Ship Form

Any questions? Contact us anytime!
Corporate #: 251-287-5759
Email: Dropship@lotusstores.com

Store Numbers and Names:

1 – Home Office

2 – Webb Gin

3 – Patton Creek

4 – Summit

5 – Eastchase

6 – Destin

7 – Hourglass

8 – Bel Air

9 – Website

10 – Pinebrook

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