Managing Inventory in POS

For every SKU# in your Quickbooks you will be able to see the details of that item by clicking on “Show Details” – this can only be done by the Quickbooks login “SysAdmin” or an employee with an equally high security group.

From here you will see information like the Lotus SKU#, Vendor Style#, Price, Description, Quantity on Hand, and a whole lot more! You will also be able to track the History of an Item by going to the drop down box and selecting your store.

After selecting your store you will be able to see the entire history of that items life within your store. You will see how many your computer started you off with and then any transactions, including returns, associated with that item. This is an amazing tool and should be taken advantage of frequently! You won’t be able to see what day the item was transferred to you, or the transfer slip number, but you will have your transfer slips saved from past shipments and then you can gauge it off when the item was added into your computer or when the first one was sold. You know the transfer slip happened before the day it was sold so that will be very helpful on narrowing it down. If you are having a hard time figuring out which transfer slip an item is on, Home Office will be able to supply you with the information! Just send us an email and we will get back with you the second we see it!

Occasionally there are times when you will have to ring up accessories or clothing¬†as “Miscellaneous” because the tag is missing. You may use the following “average” priced ¬†accessory skus for items missing their tag and style number.

Miscellaneous SKU Numbers:
Scarves and Necklaces – #12471
Bracelets – #12472
Earrings – #12473
Purses – #12474
Apparel – #75839

Physical clothing items like tops, bottoms, dresses, etc will have a vendor tag “sewn” into the clothing that typically has the size and care instructions. On this tag you will see a “Style Number” and you can type that into Quickbooks to find the SKU number and price that way. There is also an “RN Number” but don’t pay attention to that one. If the style# is available for any items then always use that to try and find it in Quickbooks, and use these miscellaneous SKUs as a last resort.

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