Store Physical Inventory

Preparing for Inventory

Week of Inventory:

  • Combine backstock items and organize backstock area
  • Print out “Missing Tags Sheet” and fill out with tags needed organize items in back
  • Email “Missing Tags Sheet” to by Thursday morning
    • If home office is coming, the office rep. will bring tags (extra blank tags), inventory guns, and software
    • If no home office rep is coming, you will be mailed out tags (extra blank tags), inventory guns, and software with manual to prepare for your inventory

Day of Inventory:

  • Communicate needs and timeline to associates that are helping and scheduled for shipment
  • Print out “Missing Tags” sign to place on a empty rolling rack
  • Print and fill out the “Mannequin Merchandise Sheet” with every item of clothing worn by a mannequin
  • Look up and list negative count for “Generic SKU’s” in Quickbooks
    • Earrings – #12473 _____________
    • Bracelets – #12472 ___________
    • Necklaces & Scarves – #12471 __________
    • Purses – #12474 ______________
  • When the “Inventory” process begins make sure all associates that are scanning inventory mark their area with a “Scanned by: __________” label with their initials
  • When inventory is complete call the home office (251-287-7579). You will need to send and receive files twice with home office before leaving for the night

Day after Inventory:

  • Before your store opens print out the “Spot Inventory Check Sheet” hand count 20 items in your store, and compare them in Quickbooks. Scan this sheet in and email it to

Preparing for Inventory
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