Adding Counts By Hand

Open Quickbooks Point of Sale

Home Screen

Click “Inventory” -> “Start Physical Inventory”

Start Physical Inventory

Your main inventory screen will be displayed, this screen represents your inventory as it is before you enter in any counts

Start Physical Inventory - Main Screen

Before starting to hand count, make sure to check the box labeled “Set All Items Not Counted To Zero” this will create a negative number. Don’t let this negative number scare you, it will begin to go away when you add your “Counts By Hand”.

Start Physical Inventory - Main Screen - Set All Items

In the top right of the inventory screen, click “I Want To…” and “Add Counts 

Hand Count Inventory

Your next steps are easy! First, click “Add Item” as the “After Pressing “Enter” Key” Preference. A box will appear confirming you would like to change to this preference, click “Yes”After "Enter" Preference

Next, you can begin scanning individual items into the system. You can continuously scan each item into your inventory without having to press “enter” – please make sure to scan EVERY item in your store that is available for sale.

Entering In Merchandise

After all items are scanned, press “Save”. All your numbers will populate on the main inventory screen. You must make sure ALL items are entered before clicking the “Apply Changes To Inventory” button. After you are confident that all items have been entered and that you have fully completed your inventory click “Apply Changes To Inventory” and “Close

Start Physical Inventory - Apply Changes to Inventory

When inventory is complete call the home office (251-287-7579). You will need to send and receive files twice with home office before leaving for the night.


Day after Inventory:

Before your store opens print out the “Spot Inventory Check Sheet” hand count 20 items in your store, and compare them in Quickbooks. Scan this sheet in and email it to


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