Transfer Slips

A transfer slip means that we transfer inventory from one store into another store. Usually this means that Home Office is sending you a shipment, and we have to “transfer” the inventory out of store #1 and into your store’s number, but this can happen for other various reasons too. After we “send files” and then your store “receives files” you will see those SKU#s and quantities in your computer. The computer “sending and receiving files” literally just means transferring any information that has happened within Quickbooks and then updating it company-wide. Basically you sending files SENDS information to Home Office and receiving files means you are RECEIVING information from Home Office.

Because Quickbooks isn’t “real time” we have to send and receive files several times a day to get all of the stores up-to-date with all of the other stores. This happens automatically at 3am every single night, but it’s good to “send and receive files” when your store is slow. If you keep sending files until it pops up “Nothing to Send” then you are good to go; the same is true for receiving files. Please only do this when you don’t need your computer because at some stores this could take up to 30 minutes!

Every shipment you get will have a printed transfer slip attached to the box with your store initials written on the paper.

This transfer slip will be used when you process your shipment, and any discrepancies should be quadruple checked and then emailed immediately to the shipping and receiving manager so that Home Office can investigate what happened to your inventory. Your transfer slip should be scanned and emailed into Home Office after your shipment has been processed.

*See Shipment Video (below) to learn more about the shipment process.*

Shipment Forms:
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Shipment Checklist

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