Merchandising Tips and Tricks

  • Choose a theme to go along with your color scheme.

Occasionally home office will give the stores theme inspirations to help with merchandising, but get creative and make up your own themes to really bring your racks/walls together.

Theme ideas: Cute Mom, Hay Ride, Pumpkin Picking, Tea Party, Layering, Beach Day, Night Owl, Date Night, Back to School, Indie, Boho, Southern Prep, Slightly Urban

  • Clear your wall/rack so that you have a clean slate while merchandising.

Clearing your pallet allows your mind to be fresh and be inspired by more than what’s already up.

  • Filler colors can make or break your merchandising.

Filler colors are your neutrals like white, cream, black, mocha, brown, etc. These help break up patterns and blocks of color so that items are able to stand out and speak for themselves while in the racks.

  • Accessorize your walls and racks

It is important to accessorize the walls and racks because its like putting the finishing touches onto your merchandising. If you chose to do a boho wall, you don’t want to use rhinestone costume jewelry over a boho top/dress. You want to pull everything together by placing the right accessories with the right styles. This will really bring your merchandising together when done well. Stay within your color scheme and theme idea, and use your accessorizing to compliment what is already on the face-outs (pegs in the walls)

  • Focus on outfitting

By outfitting with your theme and color scheme, you will make it THAT much easier to sell to your customers. Not all customers are as visual as you and your coworkers so by outfitting, we are able to show the customers how they can wear our clothing. The customer really doesn’t have to think that hard!

  • Use your face-outs to sell your clothes

Face-outs are the pegs in the walls that we use to display the clothing. Don’t waste a beautiful face-out by only hanging a purse or scarf on it! You want to utilize as much selling space as possible by optimizing your wall space and putting as many clothes (neatly and organized) as possible! Use purses and scarves to compliment what is already on the wall.

  • Remove necklaces from hangers

It’s important to remove necklaces from hangers if that hanger will no longer be in the front and on display. Necklaces can get lost and broken so easily if they get stuffed into the middle of a rack just because we forgot or didn’t notice it was there. Please be mindful of this while merchandising.

  • Don’t let patterns touch

We LOVE LOVE LOVE patterns and because of this, sometimes our stores can seem pattern heavy. With good merchandising, we can even this up and disburse them all throughout the store. We want these patterns to STAND OUT and it can be hard to do that if they’re all together. Use solid clothing to break those patterns up.

  • Use your window mannequins to showcase the hottest items in the store

Your windows are what draws people into the store. MAKE THEM AMAZING! This is why we do window displays and have mannequins right up front. The more our clothing is able to be on a body, the more chance it has to sell. If you see something in the new shipment that is absolutely amazing, put it in the window! You want your customers coming in because they saw that amazing piece right away! Use the front of your store to lure people inside!

  • Use the other mannequins to showcase items without hanger appeal

There are times where you will get items that look amazing on a body and horrible on a hanger. Use the mannequins inside of the store to show off those pieces that may have a hard time moving.

  • Mini-merch

Mini-merch basically means that over the weekend, your store gets shopped HARD! By Sunday, the store is usually picked through and needs some TLC. The closing person should be taking about 30-45 min just to see which parts of the store need help. If you have a wall that was shopped a lot and is looking bare, but you also have a rack of clothes that really wasn’t picked through… Switch them. Put the rack on the wall, and put the wall on the rack. This gives those items on the rack a chance to be showcased until you get your new shipment. The color schemes and themes are already there so this shouldn’t be hard at all!

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