Entrance and Windows Displays

Photo Apr 07, 10 40 17 PM¬†Approximately 75% of first-time customers remember a store’s entrance because it provides the first and last view of the store’s interior. It’s extremely important to remerch your entrance tables and mannequins so that they have that “wow” factor!


One of the best ways to get people to come into your store is to have gorgeous mannequins outside of the store drawing people to come inside and shop. You want your mannequins to be dressed head to toe in outfits that anyone would want to buy. They need to carry out a beautiful color scheme and look like the styles go together. We like to call these mannequins the “3 Sisters”!


We have scheduled window displays to keep the windows fresh and exciting and drawing people into your store. If the same window display is kept up too long then customers will begin to lose interest. New window displays build excitement and energy and that is why we have set window display dates that are carried out by all of the stores.

Window display ideas will be submitted to Home Office and the best idea/design wins! You can find inspiration from Pinterest, Google, magazines, etc. The manager that submits the best design will get to create the How-To and then share it with the other stores for them to recreate for their windows. The window display budget is $50/display and will be done as a Payout from your Quickbooks.

Window displays are more successful when a dominant theme is carried throughout the display. We really like to see merchandise displayed in a very lifestyle manner or glamorized with props and backdrops. They should be in harmony with the entire surroundings – a whole being created rather than a fragment. When planning a window display consider the space of window, visibility, perception, color harmony, lighting, and viewing angle. Using the entire window space is key to making it look full and inviting.


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