Markdown Monday

Ensuring your markdowns are complete is extremely important because everything on the markdown list is either old or has a terrible fit! Regardless of the reason that we marked it down, it needs to GO!

Every Monday is Markdown Monday; this can be a big task so it’s very beneficial to have either yourself or a trusted shift leader working the store to ensure this gets completed. Doing your markdowns correctly is great for moving things out of your store. Some items get marked down to $5 and that will always be an easy sale to finally get it out of your store! Always make sure you are doing markdowns because checking for markdown correctness is on the Corporate Office Checklist that we use when we make a store visit. Don’t get points taken off simply because someone didn’t do the markdowns one week!

Typically the markdowns will be emailed out from our Shipping and Receiving Manager, but there are times that we won’t have any markdowns for the week. If this is the case then you need to walk around your store and find items that need to be marked down because for whatever reason they just are not selling! It’s important to give information like that to the Home Office so we can figure out WHY the item isn’t moving. It could be a range of possibilities like a bad fit, funny smell, price, how it was merchandised, etc. Simply go around your store to items that need to be marked down and then write down the SKU# and description of the item and then email this list into

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