Merchandising Pictures

After you have finished merchandising your store you need to upload merchandising pictures to Dropbox under “Merchandising Pictures” so that we can be sure your store looks shoppable and is following the brand and styling we are showcasing for the season.

When taking your merchandising pictures focus on each rack and wall and take a picture that is clear and allows us to see what you’ve created. You will need to upload a picture of every single rack and every single wall so that we can see it clearly. These pictures are due before the store opens the following morning. Once your images are sent be prepared for Home Office to give some feedback on your merchandising. We may ask you to add a few more accessories to your wall, work on outfitting, or even start over on a certain area if it really needs work. Please keep in mind that if we do offer direction for your merchandising it is nothing personal and the direction will help make your store successful.

Becoming a Lotus Leader