As you sell down items in your store it can be difficult to merchandise well if you have a lot of onesies left. A onesie is the last item left after all of the other sizes have sold out.If you have a lot of onesies you may be tempted to make a “onesie rack” in the back of your store, but this rarely looks good and the corporate office DESPISES it! Do not make a onesie rack because it’s incredibly easy to spread onesies around your store, put them on mannequins, and use them as a way to style some of your face-out racks and bars! If you have one top left, rather than hiding it in the back you can use it on a face-out under a kimono in your merchandising to show how something can be styled. Your onesies were the hottest items in your store. Don’t make them look terrible by putting them all together and looking like a cluster.

If you have an OVERLOAD of onesies then simply email HomeOffice and we can figure out the best way to get rid of some of them. We may decide things like shipping them back to home office, having a big onesie sale, or giving you better direction on how to merchandise them.

Love your onesies or they will just give you a headache! If you display them in a cool way and see someone looking at them then just say something like, “Oh my gosh that one has been so popular! It’s our last one! Would you like me to start a fitting room for you? You will be obsessed!”

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