You will usually receive shipment once a week and have to merchandise the night (or by opening the next morning) it is delivered. There are busy times when stores will receive shipments twice a week like during the Holidays or our Destin Commons store during Spring Break and Summer. Your shipments are based off of what your store sold the week before. If your sales were amazing the week before then you will get a bigger shipment. If your store was down the week before you will get a smaller shipment. Each store has a set Open-to-Buy amount that dictates how much shipment they get.


Your open-to-buy (OTB) is calculated by using a formula based on your planned sales, planned markdowns, end of month inventory and planned beginning of month inventory. The president of the company uses this formula to stay strategic with how much each store gets per week.

It’s important for her to understand the personality of each store so that she gives them specifically what they need when they need it within their OTB. This is why it’s so important to give real information in your End of Week/Month Reports so that she knows your store without having to be in it everyday.

Becoming a Lotus Leader