Business Plan

In your business plan you want to discuss the following topics:


  • Discuss who will be working, when they will be working, how many people will be working, why you chose these people.

Social Media:

  • Discuss your plans for social media this month. Who do you have planned to come in for taking great pictures? When will you be posting on your social media account(s)? Who is in charge of responding to customers’ comments?


  • What are you doing this month to make your store look newer and better than ever? What new styling are you going to try? What new displays do you want to build? What areas of the store are you going to try and improve the most?


  • When will you change mannequins in your store? What color schemes and themes do you plan to use on your mannequins in the windows? What type of styling are you excited to showcase?  What accessories do you plan to try and sell on your mannequins?

Promotion of the Store:

  • What ways are you getting your staff to help you promote the store? What are you doing in your community this month to promote your store? What local events would you like to be a part of for the store?


  • Why did you put your schedule together the way that it is? What made you trust certain members of your staff to work together and make the store successful? What will your consequences be for staff members trying to change the schedule around too much?

Staff Meetings:

  • When are you having a staff meeting this month? What do you plan to discuss in the staff meeting? What training are you bringing to the staff meeting? How do you plan to inspire your staff to stay motivated and energized about Lotus Boutique?

Spot Inventory:

  • How do you plan to stay within 1% of your Spot Inventory errors this month? What are your goals for training your staff to help you control theft? What are you doing this month to control inside (employee) theft?

Server Communication:

  • What do you plan to communicate with your staff this month? What are you doing to teach your staff to communicate through the server? How will you use the server this month to help your store be more successful?

Damages and Alterations:

  • How do you plan to control damages within the store this month? When did you schedule someone to fix “fixable” damages this month?

This Month’s Promotions/Holidays:

  • What promotions are going on in your store this month? What National Holidays are happening this month? What local events may cause your store be busier this month? What local events do you need specific styles/items for this month? What local promotions did you participate in that start this month?

Sample Business Plan
Sample Business Plan Calendar

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