Every night when your store closes you will have an End of Day email recapping your day and also include 5 reports to attach in your email. This email will be sent to Reports@LotusStores.com

Please attach your Z-Out Store Close for the day, Department Summary for the day, Vendor Summary for the day, Today’s Receipts,   and a picture/scan of your Settlement Report from your Credit Card Machine.


Today’s Net Taxable + Non-Taxable Sales: $1,534.30
Today’s Goal: $348.66
LY Sales: $268.20

Quickbooks Credit Card Batch: $1,260.12
Credit Card Batch: $1,260.12
Difference? Why: $0.00

Quickbooks Giftcard Totals: $5.30
Credit Card Giftcard Totals: $5.30
Difference? Why: $0.00

Who Worked?

AM: Brooke and Christine
PM: Shermonica and Abigail

List Each Associate’s Daily Blurb:

Brooke: I changed all the mannies and made sure to dress them to catch the shoppers eye from outside. I also put together a few valentine themed outfits and took pictures so Hannah can post them on Insta. One lady came in looking for a Mardi gras dress but ended up leaving with 3 of our new pikos that I introduced her to 🙂 I think since the weather has been so cold it would be nice if we could have a chalkboard sign to advertise outside and draw shoppers eye and bring in more customers. When we get a new shipment of shoes that will help us in sales too because most of our shoes are down to one size left and there is barely an assortment to choose from. Overall, loving the new shipment we just got! 🙂
Christine: I helped an older lady find a shirt to wear under a cardigan she had just bought at another store. She ended up getting the white Cherish top we have that looks a lot like a Piko. She said she would definitely be coming back. She was so cute!! I helped another woman find a dress for a work dinner she had to go to. We ended up finding her one from the sale rack! She loved the dress and could wear it again to a lot of occasions and events!
Shermonica:  It has been pretty steady!! Love the shipment this week!!  A lady come in this afternoon that hadn’t ever been in before I was able to help her find a really cute sweater that she fell in love with and said she would be back to see us! Our new shipment is selling so well with the new Spring items we just got in. We definitely need to keep these colors in stock for now!
Abigail: Tonight was a little slow, but we snapped a photo of a really cool purse and uploaded it to Instagram! We had a couple of phone calls about it and someone ended up coming in to buy it! We had like 3 or 4 people come in looking for white dresses. This is definitely something we need more of – just dresses in general! We snapped a picture of me wearing a white dress to promote that we had them (since so many people were looking) and I just wanted to thank you for allowing us to be in the company’s social media. It is such an honor!!! 

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