End of Week Checklist:

Our weeks start on Tuesday and end on Monday which is why we have every conference call Tuesday morning at 8:30AM CST. All reports are due by 7AM so that Home Office has enough time to read through them before conference call starts! Use the following to access conference call:

Conference Call Number:
(530) 881-1212

In your EOW Report you will talk about what specific items aren’t selling, what style of items aren’t selling, and what you did to try and sell these items. When you run your EOW Report and notice that you have things that aren’t moving then check in the Quickbooks Item section of your computer to see which other stores have sold it.  If someone else has sold out of all of theirs then simply ask that store manager how they merchandised it to make it sell. If you still aren’t able to move it then reach out to Home Office about doing a cross-ship to one of the stores that sold it really well. We want your store to be as profitable as possible so if an item or style of clothing just doesn’t work in your market then we need to move it into a store that can sell it.

To run your EOW Report:

1. Run your Z-Out Store Close for the week (Tues-Mon) and save it as a PDF,

2. Take your sales (not including tax) and multiply times 12% – this is your Payroll Goal unless this number is LESS than your base.

3. Fill in your credit card totals for each day in the table on the template.

4. Fill in the batch and Quickbooks computer Credit Card totals. Do they match? If necessary, discuss why not.

5. Enter your receiving totals for the week found on your transfer slips from shipment. List the total amount transferred to your store, and list the % of sales you received – the goal is 45%.  During expected busy times it may increase some, but we don’t want it to go too far over 45% because then we are not profitable.

6. Run your Department Summary for the week and save it as a PDF.

7. Run your Vendor Summary for the week and save it as a PDF.

8. List your weekly goals along with your last year numbers and talk about why you did or did not make your goal for the week. This needs to REAL INFORMATION – do not write “It was really slow. We didn’t have any traffic.”

9. List your items that sold the best all week. SKU# – Vendor – Description (These are your items that if you had 20 of them you would have sold every last one of them – please emphasize if something sold out immediatly) Let us know, “I sold out of these this past week, but (store) still has a full run! If you don’t want them can I have them?”

10. List your items that aren’t selling at all – SKU# – Vendor – Description. Discuss what you did to try and move these items despite them still being in your store. Tell us how you reached out to other managers who did have had success with it to get merchandising/styling inspiration.

11. Open your Damage Log and save as a PDF any damages for the week.

12. Discuss your Spot Inventory Results and why you were or were not missing items on this week’s Spot Inventory.

13. Scan your Weekly Duty Sheet and attach it in your EOW email.

14. Attach your Discount Summary for the week and discuss in the email anything that is over/under the approved discount and any “manager” discounts.

15. Post your numbers on the server under conference call!



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