Conference Call

Conference Call Number:
(530) 881-1212
Host Code (for host use only)

Conference call is a weekly conference with all members up the management team and Home Office.

Your EOW Report¬†must be turned in by 8AM CST to give Home Office enough time to look at everyone’s reports, summaries, and plans for the week. The sooner a manager gets it in, the better. You are more than welcome to turn everything in Monday night after the store closes! If even one manager is late turning in their EOW it will make conference call late and no one wants to be inefficient like that!

On conference call be prepared to discuss what you did to manage and train your staff for the past week and what you have planned for the upcoming week. We start off conference call with some quick awards for Master of Margins (store with the highest margins) and Perfect Payroll (store closest to 12% of sales) and the Donald Trump award (store with the highest sales) – these are just little awards that we keep up with weekly so that we can do quarterly awards for the stores that are the most consistent!

You may use conference call in place of staff meetings if special circumstances like bad weather occur. You will simply give the staff the number and the code for them to call into the conference call and then you will type in the Host Code on your phone to host the call.

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