Store Schedule

As far as scheduling all of your other associates you will start by looking at their availability sheets that are due on the 20th of each month. Let’s say its January and your associates turn in their availability on the 20th deadline: this needs to be their availability for the full month of February. From here you should have every requested off day and every day of the week they are available to work. This makes it easy for you to make the schedule for the entire month. The monthly finalized schedule for the next month is due 5 days after you receive everyone’s availability (the 25th of every month) and should be posted onto the server by the 25th under your store’s name.

When deciding who will work what zone, who will work together, who will open/close, etc it’s really important to remember to schedule based on personalities. For example, if you schedule two quiet employees to work the floor together, your sales will suffer dramatically.

  • You don’t want the quiet girl greeting because she will be better at the register working one on one with customers OR at the fitting rooms working one on one if she is really trendy and great at putting together outfits.
  • You want your greeter to be extremely friendly, loud enough to greet over the music, and the kind of personality that makes you instantly feel welcomed into the store.
  • You need different personality types working the floors and in the right areas so that your store is running on its maximum potential and efficiency.

Your employees get two “swaps” per month which means they can only get their shift covered by someone twice a month. The reason behind this is to protect you, as the manager, from shifts getting swapped around multiple times, the schedule not getting updated, people working in areas they aren’t strong in, and just chaos in general. If your associates are abusing their ability to swap shifts then give them written warnings on the matter that are stored away in their employee files. Let them know that you need to be able to trust their true availability and that if they can’t be trusted on what they submit then their hours will suffer dramatically.

Please keep in mind that some associates who aren’t regulars to a monthly schedule might find it difficult to turn in every requested off days for the month, but there are plenty of very successful businesses that do “semester” SET schedules with no ability to request off for special events, and this works because they are able to depend on their employees to work within their true availability (class schedules, church, tutoring, etc)

Now that you have everyone’s availability you can plug and play for the month to get your PERFECT store schedule! You want to keep in mind your associate’s personalities, styles, strong areas, and teamwork with other co-workers. Once you’ve created your store’s schedule, with assigned breaks during slow times, you will email this out to all of your associates and post the schedule on the server under your store’s name. Your associates then have 24 hours to let you know of any discrepancies within their submitted availability.

We use Shift Planner to make the schedule and clock in/out. Shift Planner is an excellent tool for creating the store schedule, entering in availability, and seeing if your employees are running late!

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